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Allergy Concerns:

Please take into consideration any issues you may have with higher concentration products. Allergic reactions to solvents used, or other chemicals used in the brewing process; benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, propylene carbonate, guaiacol, ethyl oleate, and a handful of carrier oils are used in a variety of my products.

Carrier Oil List:
     – MCT Oil, palm derivative. NO coconut derived MCT Oil is used. Source of my oil is always the same, and always filtered once before being filtered a second time upon being vialed and crimped.

The above filtering process applies for all oils.

     – Grape seed oil.

     – Hemp seed oil.

     – Castor oil.

Liquid oils are filtered to .22 micron via the same filter method, non sterile obviously. All liquid oral glass vials are cleaned via your lab grade, super pharmaceutical standard: Finish Tablet (sourced from Walmart or Amazon IDK anymore) in a fucking dishwasher.

Review Options and Credit

TA Reviews: $10 – Post the review to SST, copy the link, post it to to relevant section on forums here.

Anecdotal Reviews: $25 – Post the review to SST, copy the link, post to relevant product on the website.

Bloodwork Credit: $150 – Post bloods to SST, copy link, post to relevant product or section of the forums.

Lab Reports: $250 – yep. Post that shit. Link to product on site. Make easy money.