Order Statuses and Process

Order Process

0. Have crypto + fingers. 

1. Have a protonmail or similar email account to do bad things on.
2. Have crypto.
3. Make an account on this website. 
4. Click “add to cart” on product of choice.
5. Fill cart to your heart’s content. 
6. Click cart, click checkout.
7. Input your shipping info in the billing fields OR

  7a. Put email in order notes at checkout page, email shipping info. 
8. Click pay. 

Once finished, your account will now have the order recorded under account info, found at the top of the menu bar,  or here.

Order Statuses & Explanations




Order has been received, but payment has not finalized.


Payment received, order will be updated to proper shop/status soon.

Cancel Requested

You’ve initiated a cancel request.


Order has delivered without issue.


Request fuckin’ granted.


Order was partially/fully refunded but still shipped.


Something on the site broke.

Peptides Order

You ordered some peptides.

Shipped: USPS Domestic

Your domestic order was shipped.

DomShop Order

You’ve ordered some domestic shop products.

Forwarded, tracking pending

Your order products were forwarded to the supplier.

Pharma Order

You’ve ordered some pharmaceutical shop products.

Shipped: International

Your international order was shipped via method at checkout.

Packed, shipping soon

Order packed, will update to shipped or further status soon,

Problem, check user account.

Order issue of any sort; shipping, stock, who the fuck knows, right?