How to Order / Contact Information

Order Status and WTF They mean

Main Status Updates
  • Pending Payment – order has been accepted, recorded, and is waiting for your money. 
  • Processing – order has been recorded as paid and will now wait for a site admin or myself to send it to the next status.
  • Int Pharma Order, forwarded – Order has been processed and forwarded to the supplier. Updated with tracking once we receive it. 
  • Peptides Order, forwarded – Order has been processed and forwarded to the supplier. Updated with tracking once provided.
  • DomShop Order – shows the order has been processed and will be shipped from the Domestic US Shop.
  • Order Shipped – this will (now) be used for any order shipped outside the US.
  • Packaged, shipping soon – status will be used for US Domestic Orders only, marks the order going from DomShop Order to Packaged.
  • Shipped USPS Domestic – marks DomShop orders as being shipped, expected delivery will be 3-5 days post status change. 

Other Possible Status Updates:

  • Order Issue – Stock, or Shipping Info: Represents an issue on either our end with stock, or your end with the shipping info provided/not provided. 
  •  Order Fulfilled or Order Complete: Your order will be moved to this status at some point after delivery.
Other information: Your information is never necessary for longer than it takes to get the order out. Once the order is marked shipped, you’re free to remove it from your account. Upon moving the order to completed, the information is automatically removed leaving only the order # and contents available for viewing for sake of keeping record & leaving site credit to the account.

Order Process

1. Have a protonmail or similar email account to do bad things on.
2. Have crypto.
3. Make an account on this website. 
4. Click “add to cart” on product of choice.
5. Fill cart to your heart’s content. 
6. Click cart, click checkout.
7. Input your shipping info in the billing fields OR

  7a. Put email in order notes at checkout page, email me shipping info. 
8. Click pay. 

Once this is finished, you account will now have the order recorded under your account info, this can be found at the top of the menu bar, in the slideout menu, as well as in your account details selection, or here.

Emails are hit or miss on deliverability from the website, the account updates are 100% accurate, and if you have ANY issues – look in the next column below for contact info. 

Contact Information, for Order issues, complaints, (compliments?)

My emails are as follows: 

Personal email:

Wickr: Misriah

Site email:

For  a  fast  reply:

Rep emails:

Discord and Wickr.

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